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One of the most common questions we get is what happens at PAST? Here is the schedule for Iraq and Afghanistan.  We will update this to include comments on each phase soon.

Police Assessment, Selection and Training (PAST) is the DynCorp Internationl pre-deployment training conducted in Fredericksburg Virginia. DynCorp International subcontracts the training and logistics to Crucible Learning Center which is a division of Kroll Protective Services and Training Group. The training may have changed a bit, but it is likey to be as follows:

The first Sunday is a mandated eight hour Workplace and Sexual Harassment Brief.

Psychological testing is done each day and all day starting on the first Saturday and ending on the first Tuesday by 1700 hours.

The first Monday is an all day process of

1. Management Oral Board
2. Immunizations and medical review
3. Physical Agility Test
4. Physical Fitness Test
5. Driving Test (Afghanistan)
6. Uniform Sizing

Depending on the size of the class, this could take longer than one day.

The first Tuesday starts the majority of the DynCorp and State Department mandated briefings which continue through Wednesday.

 The first Thursday starts an eight day evolution of “Crucible Training”. This is the readiness training given to the Police Officers in order to prepare them for mission life and work assignments in a hostile environment. It is designed to change the officer’s mindset of working as an individual into an officer working as part of a team. This concept is sometimes an adjustment to officers who have worked by themselves for a long period of time if not most of their Law Enforcement career. It is also designed to test and instill the survival skills necessary to operate in a hostile environment under adverse conditions.