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The "Big 5" Police Mission Employers:
Civilian Police International (CPI)

Other Links:

Triple Canopy - A well established security company. They have opportunitied in all areas of security - Close Protection, K-9, and static security.
Edinburgh International - Provides a variety of security services and has training programs.
IBF Investigations - Specializes in forensics and investigation (South Africa)
Haiti-Security - Just like it sounds - various security jobs for Haiti.
Raidontactics - Almost any area of security is provided and a broad range of traing in these areas to boot.
Ronco - specializes in security, mine clearing, and Environment Remediation.
US DoS Careers - Just like it sounds.
US Training - All sorts of tactical training. Closely connected to "Blackwater".
Ops Protection Services - Only hires well trained security officers - based in Denver and only works in Colorado (at time of this posting)
Dangerzone Jobs - A job market - you will likely have to pay to get a job though them.
SAIC - All sorts of security related jobs.
Federal Job Opportunities - Jobs and contracts foreign and domestic.
Deco Services Various security type jobs
SCG International - Founded by a former CIA officer - All sorts of security Jobs and training.
Job Assistant Guide - A place where you can get all sorts of job guidance.
Get 007 spy gear from Brickhouse Security !  - All sorts of surveillance stuff.

A special Shout out and thanks to Lyle at International Police & Security Group - CIVPOL Group on Facebook for linking this site and for a lot of these links. :)

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