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We would like to prepare the potential International Police Advisor before going on a mission. One of the most important things to be informed of is the Longshore Defense Base Act . It is the way police officers serving in over seas missions has protection. It is the main "insurance" that covers you in case of injury, disability or death. Some companies offer additional health plans and insurance. This act though, is your main protection for serious injuries suffered while on a misson. Many companies, for some reason, do not go over this act at all, and some barely mention it. Bookmark this page and you can have access to this information later on.

Passport Issues  


                                                 DoS Passport Site

Before you go on a Police Mission you will need to have a passport. The State Department Guidelines are:
Passport processing time is approximately 6 weeks, or processing time can be 2 weeks with expedited service.

Passport total fees are $100.00 US dollars for a new issue, or $75.00 US dollars for a passport renewal.

For Expedited Service each passport applicant will need to add $60.00 US dollars.

You may apply for a passport at one of over 7000 public Passport Acceptance Facilities.

Or, you may apply at one of 13 Passport Agencies.

If, for some reason, you are far along on a mission process and you need a passport even faster (like 2 days) contact the passport expedition service .

Before you go on a Police Mission...