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This may not be exactly the agility test and run, but you can bet it is likely to be very much like this depending on the contract company you work for.

Event 1: Endurance Run
The Endurance Run simulates the pursuit of a fleeing suspect and covers a distance of one-quarter mile. The candidate is required to wear body armor (level 3 or 4 flak jacket weighing on average 22 lbs), a holster with training pistol, and a slinged training rifle. The one-quarter mile run includes one set of stairs both up and down, and must be done within 2½ minutes or less.

Event 2: Physical Agility Test
The physical agility test is a short obstacle course that must be run within two minutes and includes the wearing of body armor (level 3 or 4 flak jacket weighing on average 22 lbs) and training weapons (pistol and rifle).

The Physical Agility Test consists of:

Climbing a 20-foot ladder with a handgun, rifle or flashlight in hand
Climbing over a 4-foot wall
Crawling through a tunnel of approximately 15 feet
Climbing and descending a 6-foot staircase while carrying a 30 pound ammo can
Jumping 3 feet
Dragging, pulling or carrying a 185-pound dummy for 20 feet
Pulling the trigger on a 9mm handgun four (4) times.
There is no required course sequence other than the requirement that the dummy drag and 9mm trigger pull shall be the last two activities of this event.

Agility Test